For Your Home

Your house is your home, and maintaining a comfortable environment inside is something you shouldn’t have to break the bank for! We all know North Texas weather can turn extreme in an instant and fluctuations in energy use can lead to some unwanted utility bills! But with Energy Foam Insulation, you can make that unpredictability a thing of the past, regardless of the age of your home!

By creating a tighter building envelope with Energy Foam, you significantly reduce the amount of wasted energy, and maintain a consistent in-home temperature. This will lead to reduced energy use and up to 50% savings on your utility bills!

Existing Homes/Retro-Fits

Looking to dump your batt or blown insulation?

Did you know that your batt/blown insulation is depreciating the minute you install it? Whether by accruing mold, being eaten by the critters it helps house, or compression over time, your batt or blown insulation is consistently depreciating in R-value, which is the measure of resistance your home has to the outside elements. Depending on who you talk to, it is recommended that your blown/batt insulation should be replaced or added to, in order to maintain the R-value.

Energy Foam Insulation provides homeowners the ability to make the switch, through our Residential Retro-Fit program. After initial consultation, your Energy Foam representative will walk you through the process of retro-fitting your home, removing your old insulation and spraying new foam along the roof deck and walls of your home.

Respect for your home and delicacy while working in your house are our top priorities. When completed, the only evidence of our presence will be the savings in your wallet! Averaging 48 hours for a standard retrofit project, we take pride in our efficiency and returning your home back to normal. Get in contact with us TODAY to schedule your FREE in-home consultation!

New Construction

The savings can begin before your new home is complete, as adding spray foam insulation during construction can reduce and sometimes even eliminate some construction costs, including:

  • Eliminating 2x6 studs on outside walls
  • No perforated soffits
  • No need for Attic Fans
  • Eliminates need for Radiant Barrier
  • Downsize your required A/C tonnage


Boasting over 10 years of experience in foam insulation, all of Energy Foam’s crew members are drug-tested and properly trained in all aspects of the foam installation process. A trusted partner in the North Texas construction world, our portfolio of work includes residential and commercial projects; new construction and retro-fits! Regardless the scope of project, Energy Foam sets the standard as your insulation subcontractor!

With its ease of application, your project can remain on time and on budget without losing integrity on quality, performance and deliverability. Energy Foam insulation delivers a high-performance product that lets you confidently deliver on:

  • total and guaranteed building performance
  • energy efficiency
  • improved indoor air quality and
  • design flexibility

The bottom line: your customers will love your decision to partner with Energy Foam Insulation. Contact us today to get connected with our Operations Manager for your next project!

Next Steps

Quieter Home. Eliminates Drafts. Cleaner Air Quality. And Proven Savings. What’s not to love?

Contact us today to get squared away with your no-pressure, truly FREE in-home consultation. From there our certified associate with breakdown both the costs associated and the length of the project! But the only way to start saving is to make the call TODAY!